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Focus on these tips while installing bathroom tiles

Focus on these tips while installing bathroom tiles

Bathrooms are often overlooked during house renovations. It might be difficult to be creative in such a little place, much more so when you just spend a half-hour a day there.

However, developing your own distinctive style does not have to begin and finish with your closet. Why not transform your bathroom into a luxury environment with some top-notch bathroom tiles?

You may go all out with these design ideas or keep things simple by creating an artwork out of your bathroom tile. This is how.

Maintain the consistency of the flooring and walls.

While contrasting colors make sense, matching the walls and flooring will simplify the design. Utilize bathroom items to inject some vibrancy into the space. By keeping the tile color consistent with the wall color, you may prevent cutting up the bathroom. This finally creates the illusion of a smaller place. Choose lighter hues to visually extend your room.

“One item that has never gone out of style is white on white,” explains Susan Cleveland, senior designer at Smarter Bathrooms. “If you get handmade bathroom tiles, they will have a lot of texture and will stand out as a result. ” Then you may create a contrast to the vanity by using black tapware, polished nickel, or a textured vanity.”

Maintain a clear concentration on the floor

If you’re going for an experimental design and have a little more room to play with, add interest to your area with a feature floor. Larger bathroom tiles provide the illusion of a larger surface and, on the positive side, needless grout to clean. Alternatively, terracotta tilework, such as these bathroom tiles from Tiles of Ezra, might inspire your ideas.

Choose materials that will improve with age, since floor bathroom tiles will mellow with time.

Choose porcelain bathroom tiles or alter the way they are laid. You may choose a one-third offset, a French lay with varying proportions, or even a digital print to mimic natural textures.”

Choose your colors carefully… or, better yet, avoid them entirely.

While it may be tempting to include bold splashes of color into your bathroom, it is preferable to keep contemporary colors on the temporary side. While you may admire a Marsala-colored mosaic feature wall now, in ten years’ time, you may find yourself gutting and re-tiling to be current.

“Colour, like fashion, will always be out of date. Rather than that, add color to your mirrors and cabinets, or buy some brilliantly colored terracotta towels,” Cleveland says.

Bathroom renovation 101: this is not a do-it-yourself project.

“I only do bathrooms in one manner — I gut them and reconstruct them,” Cleveland reveals. “It is not an easy task. Always hire a bathroom designer when retiling a bathroom. They’ll provide you with a wealth of additional information that will show through in the final result and will help you avoid a slew of costly errors.”

Choosing the appropriate bathroom tiles

Now I’d want to discuss wet places. One of the most frequent errors individuals make is selecting the incorrect bathroom tiles. Always keep in mind the slipperiness of the tile when planning a bathroom.

For instance, you would not choose a highly polished tile for a bathroom floor, since this is already rather slippery. When you combine it with water, you have a formula for catastrophe.

Textures of Rough Tiles

Consider bathroom tiles with a lot of texture for moist regions. Numerous porcelain tiles with a stone-like appearance also have a stone-like feel. When you run your fingers over the surface, you will notice that it has highs and lows and has the feel of genuine stone. Because it is matte and non-slip, this kind of tile is ideal for use in bathrooms or on shower walls.

Tiles with Anti-Slip Surfaces

Another option is to use a non-slip tile. It is smooth to the touch and lacks the highs and lows associated with textured bathroom tiles, but it retains a matte finish. It is designed particularly for usage in difficult, high-moisture regions.

While larger format bathroom tiles with textured or anti-slip surfaces are great for locations such as vanities or the water closet, when it comes to shower or tub areas, smaller format tiles are preferable. You can read about DIY tips for laying bathroom tiles by visiting http://modularhomesmidwest.com/diy-tips-for-laying-bathroom-tiles/

I would not install large size bathroom tiles on your shower floor, even if they are anti-slip. You’re constantly looking for something that’s more manageable.

In our first illustration, we’ve chosen the ideal size of stone-look pebble bathroom tiles. In the shower, you should always utilize bathroom tiles that are around two inches or smaller. This is because the smaller the tile is, the more grout joints there are, and the more grout joints there are, the more traction there is.

Another possibility is a tile with a geometric design, such as a hexagon or picket pattern. The picket design is popular this year because of its clean form. The bathroom tiles in this example are smaller than those in the pebble tile example, as are the grout joints, but there are more of them. This is an example of a very tiny size tile that will function well as anti-slip flooring due to the increased grouting.

Final thoughts

Because the bathroom is clearly a place for self-care and relaxation, it’s unsurprising that everyone strives to replicate a pleasant and peaceful ambiance in their own bathroom.

Accomplishing this goal may be sufficient motivation to reassess your bathroom space. A excellent strategy is to determine the project’s design immediately and then pick the size, color, and surface of the new wall or floor bathroom tiles appropriately. Once this is accomplished, lighting, furniture, and accessories will all adhere to the same design as closely as feasible.

Choosing bathroom floor and wall bathroom tiles entails taking the time to coordinate all of these aspects in a pleasing manner, without sacrificing one’s own style or original project to accommodate space and room layout constraints or the necessity to accommodate existing pipes or fixtures.

More than anything else: it is necessary to constantly depend on specialists in the area, in order not to run the danger of unpleasant difficulties.

How To Clean Cut Your Floor Tiles Using Electric Tile Cutter

How To Clean Cut Your Floor Tiles Using Electric Tile Cutter

Experience tells us that the favorite cutting machine of the professional ceramic floor tile installer is the high-functioning cutter. Its cutting speed, working in a clean and comfortable environment, and the low level of investment involved are the determining yardsticks in this perception. However, due to the increase in formats and the growth in the hardness of different floor tile materials, such as porcelain and stoneware, professional tile installers are beginning to look to an electric tile cutter for a new solution.

The different types of electric tile cutters offer a wide variety of possibilities when laying your floor tiles. Knowing how to distinguish between them will allow us to choose the most suitable model for our needs. For more cutting tiles DIY visit: www.familyhandyman.com/project/how-to-cut-tile-with-a-grinder/


Before explaining the different types of electric cutters that the market offers, I would like to highlight those aspects that an electric cutter will give us, compared to the traditional manual cutter.

wood floor cutting

Electric cutters allow us to cut a broader range of floor tiles materials. Not only will we be able to cut the same ceramic floor tile materials as a manual cutter, but they will also allow us to work with natural stones and other construction materials used in making floor tiles.

Another aspect is the great variety and versatility of cuts that an electric cutter will offer us. It is far beyond a manual cutter’s traditional straight, orthogonal and diagonal cuts. With the suitable electric cutter, we can make precise miter cuts or “L” or “U” shaped cuts to save corners or recesses in the partition floor. Don’t forget the possibility of making grooves or vertical cuts on your floor tiles if your cutter has the so-called miter effect.

Last but not least, it is vital to highlight the quality of the final finish offered by an electric cutter. We must not forget that these cutters work with diamond discs and, for the most part, these are water-cooled.

If we add to this combination the right blade, the quality obtained in the cuts will be very close to the original factory cut of the floor tile pieces.

Quality and versatility are the most critical aspects of an electric cutter.


Now that we have seen what an electric cutter can offer us, compared to a manual one, it is time to know the market’s different types.

There are three main groups of electric cutters:

  • Portable cutter
  • Moving table cutter
  • Moving head cutter


Marble flooring cutting


Portable electric slicers are self-defined. They are the smallest, lightest and easiest to transport.

This type of cutter is ideal for carrying out minor repair and rehabilitation jobs and the perfect complement to any manual tile cutter to complete those more special cuts such as squares, window or door corners, columns, etc.

One of the significant advantages of portable electric cutters, especially the wet cut ones, is that they allow you to cuts your floor tiles directly at the place of installation. That, together with their ease of use and safety, are the key arguments for choosing them over a grinder.

The ND-200 electric tile cutter and miter saw are portable, versatile, and powerful. Its small size and lightweight make it an ideal electric cutter for finishes and renovations. It has an adjustable stainless-steel table and can be set up to 45º to perform miter cuts, allowing you to cut your floor tiles neatly at all times in the same workspace, reducing displacements, corrections & downtime.


The second group is the moving table electric cutter. Due to their design and operation, the material to be cut is placed on a table generally moved by bearings. They are particularly suitable for cutting building materials.

Its main advantage is its speed and capacity to cut materials of a certain thickness, thanks, above all, to the cutting effect.

Although they can cut any material, electric cutting machines with a portable table are not the most recommended for cutting ceramic floor tiles due to their design, cutting system, and format limitation. The stability of the table and the risk, with time and use, of unwanted movements and vibrations will directly affect the quality and precision of the cut.

The DR-350 Cutter is an electric cutter with a moveable tale & plunge effect, making it ideal for cutting all types of floor tiles materials, from bricks & granite to porcelain & ceramic tiles

marble cutting blade


The third and final group is the sliding head electric cutters. Unlike the sliding table machines, this group is the most recommended for cutting ceramic materials and pieces of natural stone or any other type of cladding. The quality and precision of the cut are indispensable.

In the group of electric cutting machines with sliding heads, we must differentiate between those with and without a cutting effect. As we have already said, the most outstanding feature of the sliding head electric cutters is their cutting precision. However, suppose we add to this quality the cutting effect. In that case, we obtain the most excellent cutting versatility than any electric cutter can offer us.

Electric tile cutters with a mobile head and miter saw effect allow us to work with many different tile materials, including natural stone and building materials. They also allow us to make a greater variety of cuts, including grooves and vertical cuts.

On the other hand, if our interest is focused exclusively on the quality of floor tile cutting, above all on straight cuts and the possibility of making miters, we should pay all our attention to the models with sliding heads without the miter seeing the effect.


These cutters sacrifice the versatility of the previous ones in favor of cutting quality and precision. Apart from all these aspects, the last detail that must be considered is the motor’s power. But this point deserves its post. 

10 Best unique pool tiles that you need to know

10 Best unique pool tiles that you need to know

Globally, getting unique pool tiles can be a little bit challenging. Several brands have different patterns and styles of pool tiles, and they are all claiming that their product is the best. Of course, people must say something good about their business. If you want to run with the adverts on pool tiles that you see online, one might result in a significant error. 

Although not all the adverts on pool tiles are wrong, we say that one needs to be careful before selecting the tiles to design a pool. In this article, we will not only give you the best unique pool tiles, but we will also let you know their prices. 

When designing a pool, we tend to pay attention first to the landscape and construction, followed by the flooring and wall design, and then the pool deck and pleasing to the eye murals, if any. But, pool art is as much about tile type as about construction and layout. It is expedient for you to know that the type of tile you select can change the pool’s appearance. And the tile you choose can also create a unique oasis in the center of your backyard.

Therefore, below here are the best ceramic pool tiles that can give your pool a stunning look:

Sapphire Blue Copper Glass Mosaic 20x20 - Tile Stone Paver

Shell sapphire blue tile:

 This unique tile is one of the most-used tiles specifically meant to design swimming pools. If you want a different and unique design for your collection, you need to consider these individual pool tiles. It is also one of the cheapest tiles that virtually everyone can afford. You can get these unique tiles for as low as $11/sq.ft.

Inkline parkers point blue glossy glass tile:

With $26.10, one can get this unique tile. It is one of the most sought-after titles for pools. It has a way of contributing a kind of beauty that is beyond expression to your pool. Inkline parkers’ tile is easy to get. Also, this unique tile is one of the tiles that are easy to install. If you want the best design that will captivate people’s hearts, then choosing this tile will be a great choice.

Inkline waterman well blue glossy glass tile:

Although it has almost the same features as online parkers point blue, it is different. The color of the waterman well is light, and it has a smooth texture than incline parkers point blue tiles. These unique pool tiles will give your pool a stunning look.

Inkline foray aqua glossy glass tile: 

This tile is the best option for you if you want a great swimming pool. Over the years, these pool tiles have been the best option for contractors and professional tillers. It has a pattern that is not common, and it is easy to fix and install. However, it was a little bit expensive. But with these unique tiles, we can assure you that your swimming pool will be a convenient place for enjoyment. You can read about 6 Things you need to consider before choosing the best type of swimming pool tile by clicking here.

  1. Soul 3D fan light grey fishscale matte glass tile:

 For people or contractors that love to use light grey color for designing their swimming pool, the soul 3d is the best option. These unique pool tiles have been in existence for over two decades now. Recently, research has shown that this unique tile is one of the most-used tiles for every homeowner with a swimming pool in Australia. It is easy to get. As of now, one can get this unique tile for $23.58/sq.ft. 

3D Pool Tiles

Soul 3D fan white fish scale matte glass tile:

 This white pool tile has a natural way of bringing a kind of beauty beyond expression to every pool. With this white tile, your pool will be a place of comfort and a business where family and friends will like to come and have an excellent time. We have seen several swimming pools that are designed with this unique pool tile. Honestly, if you see a swimming pool been designed with these special tiles, you will like to spend some time enjoying yourself. Soul 3D is one of the most beautiful tiles that are strictly meant for designing pools.

Soul 3D fan white fish scale matte glass tile:

Soul flat fans green fish scale matte glass tile:

 This pool tile is one of the cheapest tiles that one can use to design a pool. If you want the best pool tiles without breaking your budget, soul flat fans green fish scale matte glass tile is what you need. Do you know you can get this pool tile for as low as $17.71/sq.ft? Of course, yes. Soul flat fans green fish scale matte glass tile will give your swimming pool a stunning look. 

Soul flat fans green fish scale matte glass tile

Shell azure blue glossy and iridescent glass tile: 

This is one of the most beautiful tiles that one can use for swimming pools. Shell azure shiny and iridescent glass tile will give your pool a look that is beyond expression. With $20.31, you can get these unique pool tiles.

Bermuda aqua one by four inches glossy glass tile: 

This tile is also one of the best tiles you can choose for your pool. Its beauty is beyond expression. We will advise you to go online and check this unique pool. The pattern on this tile will change your mind. We have recommended this unique tile for countless contractors in Sydney. If you want a design that will give your pool a distinctive look, this special tile is what you need. 

Shell azure blue glossy and iridescent glass tile

Moonscape white six by six inches ripple glossy glass pool tile:

 This unique tile is the best among the rest. At $18.68, one can get this unique pool tile per sq. ft. Moonscape white pool tile is also one of the pool tiles that virtually all contractors are familiar with. Therefore, if you want a design that will give your swimming pool a great look, you need to consider using moonscape white six by six inches ripple glossy pool tile.

Finally, the above-listed pool tiles are the best among all pool tiles that one can ever come across. Therefore, we will implore you to use any of these pool tiles to design your pool. They are all unique, and they all can resist water. The pool tiles, as mentioned above, are durable.

Moonscape white six by six inches ripple glossy glass pool tile

6 Things you need to consider before choosing the best type of swimming pool tile

6 Things you need to consider before choosing the best type of swimming pool tile

You don’t just go online and order pool tiles for your swimming pool without considering some facts. There’s a high tendency to end up in error if one doesn’t take time to know some things about tiles suitable for pools. Some homeowners blame themselves because their swimming pool, which is supposed to be a relaxation center and a lovely place, has turned into a place they have abandoned completely. Apart from the fact that one needs to get an expert to fix pool tiles, there are some things that you ought to know even as an individual that wants a swimming pool in their home. 

The best swimming pool should be a place where one should have a pleasant time with friends and families. But the essence of building a swimming pool can turn otherwise if one fails to select or choose the best pool tiles. Selecting the suitable pool tiles for your swimming pool plays a vital role in the entire building process. You may find it challenging to know the best option to explore because of several options introduced to you in the market. However, that is why this write-up is meant for you. 

Your swimming pool is considered incomplete if you don’t make use of the most beautiful tiles that will be shining through the water. The type of pool tiles selected will determine the kind of beauty that the pool will bring out.

Here, we will be giving you some facts that you need to know and things you must consider before selecting or choosing the best type of pool tiles for your swimming pool. Below here are things you need to know before selecting pool tiles:


One needs to consider the cost of tiles before selecting them. We want to tell you that choosing the most expensive tiles in the market does not determine having an excellent and stunning swimming pool. Moreover, budgets are an essential tool when planning. There are some pool tiles that you can select for your swimming pool that are not expensive, and they will give your swimming pool a distinctive look. The cost of swimming pool tiles may be exaggerated in some cases. Those with a large pool will need to consider a budget estimate that will guide their decision-making process. 

6 Things you need to consider before choosing the best type of swimming pool tile

Furthermore, it would help get quality pool tiles that are impervious without breaking your budget. Several inexpensive pool tiles are of good quality, and they will transform your swimming pool. 

Choose safety pool tiles.

We have seen people choosing pretty tiles, and they end up blaming themselves. Although selecting a stunning tile is good, establishing safety pool tiles should be a priority. Before selecting pool tiles, one needs to consider the safety of friends and families or client. Some tiles are beautiful, but they are slippery. If you go to the market to only choose pretty tiles without considering if the tiles have slip-resistant, one might end up spending the rest of his income in the hospital. That is if something that happens at the end of the day is minimal. Several people have lost their lives due to slippery tiles being used in a swimming pool. Therefore, selecting beautiful pool tiles is good, but choosing safety pool tiles is a priority. Why not consider pool tiles that are beautiful and safe with slip-resistant. You can read about 10 Best unique pool tiles that you need to know by visiting http://modularhomesmidwest.com/10-best-unique-pool-tiles-that-you-need-to-know/

Use porcelain for a simple finish.

Before deciding on the type of tiles you need for your swimming pool, it is expedient to understand the difference between various tiles based on materials. However, you will need to consult an expert on this too later settle for the best option. Generally, porcelain the considered to be the most popular pool tile that is inexpensive. Most tilers and contractors consider using porcelain tiles because they are readily available and cheap. Therefore, with porcelain, your swimming pool will be an outstanding one.

6 Things you need to consider before choosing the best type of swimming pool tile

Use natural and slip-resistant pool tiles.

It is essential to use tiles that are not slippery in the swimming pool. Remember, we said this earlier than choosing slip-resistant pool tiles will go a long way in securing you, your clients, and your families from harm. Therefore, choosing tiles that are made from stone and natural resources will be an advantage. Tiles made from rocks can also make your swimming pool look stunning and outstanding. Furthermore, one will feel safe with stone tiles in a swimming pool because they are highly slip-resistant than tiles made from other materials.

Hire an expert

Not all tilers can effectively install pool tiles in the swimming pool. However, the process of installing pool tiles is not different from the standard way of tile installation. Installing pool tiles has to do with some uniqueness that is quite different from a standard tile installation. Therefore, we are imploring you to employ or hire an expert for your pool tiles installation. You need to ask the person you want to hire some questions to know their level of experience. Some tilers are well-trained in installing pool tiles in swimming pools alone. We will advise you to go for such an expert. 

6 Things you need to consider before choosing the best type of swimming pool tile

Deciding on pool tile colors matter

You need to make a quick decision on the color that you want the tiles to be. The color of the tiles will determine the outcome of the color that will show on the water’s surface. Some swimming pools look like the water is blue depending on the color of the tiles used to design such a collection. For those who want a clean and uniform appearance, choosing a white pool tile will be the best option. There are several colors that one can choose from. It depends on what you want.

Finally, we will like to get some positive feedback from you. We confidently believe that the above tips provided here are enough to guide you through making the best decision on the type of pool tiles you want for your swimming pool.