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Kitchen Cabinets Styles and Colors. On this page beloved.

Cabinet Accessories. On this page beloved.

Optional Kitchen Designs

Modular homes kitchen cabinets, cabinet accessories, trim, and interior doors.

In our commitment to quality, we have decided to build only with Merillat cabinets. Custom build and install in factory. Merillat Cabinets provide us with high quality, beautiful cabinets throughout your new home. We offer a varying range of cabinet colors, styles, and accessories. We can also install trim and doors to match.
Cabinets from standard through average price to the most expensive. 
 Millbridge Oak Cider (STD)                            Pemberton Oak Cider finish                          Sundale Maple Toffee
   Sundale Maple Paprika                           Spring Valley Oak Cider finish. Recessed        Spring Valley Maple Natural
     Spring Valley Maple Toffee                   Spring Valley Maple Kona finish              Spring Valley Hickory Cider finish
  Spring Valley Cherry Paprika finish       Seneca Ridge Arched Oak Cider finish       Seneca Ridge Arched Maple Natural
    Seneca Ridge Arched Maple Toffee             Seneca Ridge Arched Maple Kona           Avenue Beadboard Maple Natural
   Avenue Beadboard Maple Toffee             Avenue Beadboard Maple Kona             Seneca Ridge Arched Maple Paprika
Avenue Beadboard Cherry Paprika           Avenue Beadboard Maple Chiffon

Cabinet Accessories:

Mullion Square Glass Door    Mullion Arched Glass Door    30" Stemware Rack                                     Base Waste Basket
         36" Plate Rack                           Diagonal Appliance Garage               9" Base Pull Out Pantry
        Tilt Out Sink Tray                          Pot and Pan Storage                        Microwave Oven Shelf
Modular homes in Mid West 2011