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Plumbing and Heating Options

In addition to all of the other color choice options you have when choosing your home, we can also offer choices for your plumbing fixtures. If you choose to purchase your appliances through us, we can install them at the factory. Or, we can prep the areas where your appliances will be for hook up on site by others. Furthermore, if you choose to use our factory installed heating system, we can install your furnace and water heater. See below for more information on plumbing, appliance, and heating options.


We use Kohler faucets throughout our home. Please see your builder or dealer for more information on faucet choices. You can choose from either white or bone commodes, which come in standard sizes, elongated, or comfort height. Bath sinks, tubs, and showers will come in either white or bone to match. We offer several styles and sizes of tubs and showers including combinations tub showers, cabinet surrounded tubs with laminate tops, whirlpool tubs, and several shower and enclosure sizes. Our standard bath sinks come installed in cabinets with laminate countertops, but we can also install pedistal sinks depending on your floor plan or choice. Finally, your kitchen sink comes standard in stainless steel, but we also offer a composite white kitchen sink.



We offer quality Kenmore appliances in our homes, if you choose to have them installed by us, while your home is being built. If you choose to buy and install your appliance after your home is built, we can easily prep the areas in which they will be placed. Click Here to Download our Appliance Brochure.


Trane Rheem


If you choose to use the factory installed heat and water heater systems, you can use our high quality name brand appliances. We use Trane, the number one name in furnaces, for their 95% efficient natural gas or LP furnaces (electric also available upon request). We use Rheem electric water heaters. Both components come with a great individual warranty.

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