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Modular homes prices.


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Rochester Modular Homes Prices.

What’s The Price

The first question everyone asks is “HOW MUCH”. It is the natural question to ask when you are trying to get a sense of what things cost to determine what is in your price bracket, so we understand completely.

Here Is the Hard Part. We CAN Give You An Answer, But …
Houses are not like cars, so they do not get priced based on a model. The good news is that we can still help to answer your question. If you look at the models and ask how much is the Pine Manor? We need to ask you about 40 questions before we can give you an answer that has any accuracy. However, given that you are just trying to asses your budget we can make it easy.

Custom Homes

When we say we are custom builders we are not saying you just get to customize the color of counter tops. We are truly custom. In other words we can build you any house design in any size you want it. So when you ask how much is the Pine Manor my answer would depend on if it is 1200 square feet or 4200 square feet.

Here Is the Answer You Need
Whether it is a Cape, Chalet, Colonial, or Ranch, any square box with one roof line will run $50-$60 per square foot depending on the options you choose. This price is for drop ship.
Any Multi-Roof, not so square house, will run $60-65 per square foot.

What Does That Include?

If you ask what the price is without asking what is included in the price quoted you will get a useless answer. The numbers quoted above are based on Delivered, Set, and Finished homes. They do not include foundation, electric tie in, water tie in, well, septic, excavation etc. Those prices are impossible to answer without some site specific information.
When you select a floor plan please send me an email with the model name. I will start working on prices for delivery, set crew, basement, garage, deck and finishing work.
Final turn-key price on modular homes can be estimated to be between $80.00 to $ 120.00 per square foot.

Modular homes in Mid West 2011