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Countertop Options

Our standard countertops are Formica, post formed countertops with a rolled ege. We can also offer Granite countertops, please see below for more information.


Our Wilsonart formica countertops come in a number of color options. As seen above, they are post form with a rolled edge. This means a one piece countertop and backsplash, with no seem for liquid leakage. The rolled edge prevents liquids from dripping off the countertops and onto your floor. We offer our Wilsonart formica in both standard and HD (Deepstar) Colors. Wilsonart's HD formica countops offer more color, texture, and durability in an affordable countertop. See below for color options:

Standard Color Options

Mystique Dusk

Mystique Dusk
Canyon Black Canyon Black
Greystone Greystone
Neutral Glace Neutral Glace
Natural Roca Natural Roca
Mystique Marsh Mystique Marsh
Green Tigris Green Tigris
Blackstar Granite Blackstar Granite
Mystique Night Mystique Night
Mystique Moonlight Mystique Moonlight
Mystique Dawn Mystique Dawn
Natural Almond Natural Almond
Beige Pampas Beige Pampas
Frosty White Frosty White
Butcherblock Maple Butcherblock Maple
Tuscan Marble Tuscan Marble
Grass Grass
Butterum Granite Butterum Granite
Cotta Stone Cotta Stone
Lime Stone Limestone

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HD (Deepstar) Colors

Bella Capri Bella Capri
Sedona Bluff Sedona Bluff
Deepstar Bronze Deepstar Bronze
Bella Venito Bella Venito
Deepstar Slate Deepstar Slate
Sedona Trail Sedona Trail
Bella Noche Bella Noche
Deepstar Fossil Deepstar Fossil

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Granite Countertops

Our granite countertops are an inch and a half thick, with bullnose edges. We have several color options. You can choose to upgrade all your countertops to granite, or just specific locations throughout your home. See below for color options.

Granite Thickness

Amerello Boreal Baltic Brown

New Venetian Gold Opalescence

Santa Cecilia Tan Brown

Uba Tuba

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