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How to Choose the Right Diamond Blade for Your Floor Tiles

How to Choose the Right Diamond Blade for Your Floor Tiles

There are specific blades for cutting different types of floor tiles. That might be news if you are still a newbie handling tiling projects. But talking about diamond blades and which one is the most appropriate for cutting a type of material depends significantly on our cutting needs.

Knowing how the blades work and how they are created will help us better understand what type of floor tile cutting disc we need or which one is the best for cutting our floor tile or the material.

Before we start learning how to choose the most suitable diamond blade for your tiling project, it is essential to define the subject.

suitable diamond blade for your tiling project

What is a diamond blade?

Diamond blades are among the must-have tools you need to create perfect flooring. They are super-abrasive and are made up of a circular body, mostly steel, called “core.” The core has the cutting material in a continuous crown or segments. This cutting material, which we call the diamond band, can be joined to the disc core in different ways. Still, the most commonly used by RUBI is laser welding.        

Diamond Grains

The diamond grains can be attached to the discs in 3 different ways: sintering, electroplating, and vacuum brazing. But in the case of specific discs for cutting ceramics floor tiles, we will generally be talking about sintering.

In the sintering process, the diamond particles are mixed with the metal binder and consolidated by pressure and temperature, creating a system with different layers of diamond that are exposed as the tool wears. Visit to read about How to Square a Room for Simple Floor Tiles Installation.

Types of Sintered Diamond Blades

  • Continuous strip: Provides the best finish for your floor tiles. Used for cutting and mitering ceramic or other stone-facing materials, with thickness <25 mm.
  • Turbo: This type of blade showcases a great combination. It allows you to cut your floor tiles faster and achieve high-quality finishes.
  • Viper: It is the evolution of the TURBO blade with higher quality and speed. It is totally indicated for high hardness materials.
  • Segmented: This blade is the fastest. Maximum speed and better cooling of the blade. For cutting different types of floor tiles materials >25 mm thick.
  • Turbo segmented: For cutting all types of floor tiles materials at maximum speed.
  • J-Slot: State-of-the-art technology. High speed on the most complex materials. Specially designed for straight cutting of porcelain stoneware. Eliminates the tensions generated during cutting.

The higher the cutting speed, the lower the quality and vice versa. The most balanced speed-quality ratio discs are the turbo and viper types.

tile cutting blade

How to choose the right diamond blade?

Now that we know how the blades work, how they are created, the types and their characteristics, we must take into account 3 aspects when choosing a diamond blade for cutting your floor tiles:

1. What type of cutting we are going to do

Depending on the type of cutting we will do, we must think about what kind of machine we will use: an electric device, a grinder? And consequently, what type of cooling we are going to have.

We have to bear in mind that discs are cut by friction and super-abrasive tools. This friction generates high temperatures during cutting, and this gives rise to 2 types of cutting: wet cutting and dry cutting.

In dry cutting, the only cooling is provided by the ventilation generated by the rotating blade itself. Dry cutting discs can be cooled with water for more excellent durability and a better finish. Still, wet cutting discs should never be used without water.

We have cutting discs for both dry and wet cutting. So before deciding, we must know which machine we are going to use and the type of cooling.

2. Types of materials we need to cut

The 2nd thing we have to consider is what kind of floor tiles materials we are going to cut. When we talk about cutting ceramic floor tile materials, both fall into the group of siliceous materials. These materials, mainly composed of silica, have a medium-high hardness. However, some can also have very high levels of abrasiveness.

Among the most common siliceous materials is the group we are interested in: ceramic materials such as tiles, glazed stoneware or porcelain stoneware. Glass and granite are also included in this group.

Therefore, due to the hardness of these materials, we will need a combination of small grit, with a high concentration of diamond and a soft bond, which wears at the same time as the diamond to avoid blunting of the disc and to have a good performance of the tool.

3. Cutting speed vs. Finish quality

The 3rd aspect to consider is whether we need cutting speed or finishing quality.

This will depend on the type of cut we are going to make. It is not the same to make a straight or diagonal cut, where we may need speed, as it is to make a mitre cut where we will need precision and finishing quality.

Not all discs are suitable for all types of cutting. To cut your floor tiles, you need blades with sufficient reinforcement and core thickness to withstand the 45º cut without breaking. The minimum core thickness for mitre cutting varies depending on the diameter of the blade.

In short, we must take into consideration whether we are going to do wet or dry cutting (depending on the machine we will use), the hardness properties of a material such as ceramic, and whether we need cutting speed or quality finishes.  


Colour Classification of Diamond Blades

As well as the blades listed above, at RUBI we have many other models of discs for your cutting preferences. Therefore, to make it easier for you to choose, we use a colour classification to make your choice easier. Each colour tells us what use or application the disc is originally designed for:

Red: suitable if we mainly want to cut porcelain

Violet and dark green: for discs that cut general building materials.

Green: for general ceramic material

Blue: for hard materials

Orange: for abrasives

Grey: for marble

Yellow: for rescue


Diamond blades are available in different sizes, colours and quality. It is important that you consider your tiling project’s needs before making a purchase. You will find this guide helpful when choosing the right one for your tiling project.

Finding the best buyers agent Sydney has

Finding the best buyers agent Sydney has

Whether you’re buying or selling a house, finding the ideal buyers agent Sydney might be difficult. Our suggestions will assist you in simplifying the agent selection process.

An agent is a valuable asset.

For many individuals, buying or selling a house is one of the most expensive transactions they will ever undertake, making it critical that they get excellent counsel throughout the process. Due to the complexity of real estate transactions and the need to adhere to state and federal rules, the majority of buyers and sellers use a trained buyers agent Sydney to guide them through the process. Continue reading to learn the best techniques for locating a buyers agent Sydney.

Commence with a Referral

When searching for a new house, use your personal network to see if family members or friends had positive experiences with their buyers agent newcastle. Requesting a recommendation from someone you know and trust is an excellent method to expedite the research process. Once you’ve gathered a list of leads, it’s a simple matter of calling each agent to verify their qualifications and expertise.

Finding the best buyers agent Sydney has

Verify Credentials

You should do some background investigation before selecting an agent. Conduct a Google search for each candidate’s name and check with the State Licensing Department for Real Estate to see whether they have any pending infractions in their name. While the word “Buyers agent” is often used in a general sense, a buyers agent is really a member of the National Association of Buyers Agent —a self-regulatory organization devoted to assuring transactional ethics.

Verify references

Do not pass up the chance to contact an agent’s previous customers and inquire about their satisfaction with their purchasing or selling experience. If they’re content, there’s a strong chance you will be as well. They’ll also be able to tell you how the agent fared throughout the talks, giving you a sense of how hard the agent will fight for you.

Consider Your Local Environment

If you’re moving to a new neighborhood, seek an agent that resides in the area. Nobody knows a place as well as its inhabitants. Additionally, an agent who lives in town may have an edge in terms of being aware of properties that have not yet hit the market.

Finding the best buyers agent Sydney has

Ascertain that you are a match

It is critical that you and your agent get along! It may seem straightforward, but you’ll be spending a lot of time together, and you’ll want to ensure that you both understand one another. Additionally, it helps to have some fun along the road.

The Best Policy Is Honesty

Find an agent that will work for you rather than attempting to encourage you to make a deal or accept one that is not in your best interest. It is critical that you get the impression that your buyers agent Sydney is listening to and acting on your wishes. Additionally, you’ll need someone who is not afraid to inform you when your requests are unrealistic or impossible. That element of honesty is enormous. Learn more about How to become a real estate buyer’s agent in Sydney.

Commitment to the Long Term

A successful house purchase should end in the ownership of a property that fits your lifestyle, so avoid settling for anything you don’t desire. To get the home you really want, the procedure may take months, if not more than a year. Choose an agent who is committed to the long term; one who will really listen to your needs and will not pressure you into purchasing a home that is not a good fit.

Concerns of the Commission

If you’re wanting to list your house with an agent, keep in mind that the agent’s commission is adjustable. The usual commission is around 5% to 6% of the sales price, however, agents sometimes reduce their charges. Bear in mind, however, that your agency will divide the commission with the buyers agent Sydney, so avoid drastically reducing the real estate fee. If you’re opposed to paying a commission, you may be forced to locate a property on your own.

Do not be afraid to make a change.

Even after extensive investigation, it is not uncommon to find an agent who does not align with your goals and objectives. At that moment, it is OK to change agents. If you’ve signed a listing contract or a buyers agency contract, inquire with the agent about the possibility of terminating the arrangement. When the agent-client relationship is not functioning, the majority of agents will terminate the contract rather than push you to continue.

Organize Interviews

By just sitting down and asking a few questions, you may learn a great deal about a buyers agent Sydney. Inquire about the agent’s most recent transactions and if she represents just buyers or only sellers. Determine her general price range for listings or sales to ensure she is a suitable match for a house in your pricing range.

You are not on the lookout for a BFF.

While an exceptional buyers agent Sydney may become a lifelong friend, you should not seek one out on that premise. An agent should be devoted to performing the best job possible for you first and foremost. You’re employing this somebody to represent you in a potentially life-altering transaction; you can become drinking pals afterward.

Finding the best buyers agent Sydney has

Effective communication

Don’t expect a buyers agent Sydney to read your thoughts. Rather than that, be candid and forthright. Inform the agent if you have credit issues, have just lost a job, or if any other circumstances will affect your ability to acquire a property. An agent can often assist you in improving your credit score, directing you to lenders who may grant you a mortgage, and assisting you with other issues—but only if you engage with them.

Consider contracting with an agency

The term “agency” refers to a contract between an agent and a client in real estate. If you are purchasing a house, you should sign a buyers agency agreement; if you are selling, the listing contract will establish a seller’s agency. A normal agency agreement lasts between three and six months and assures that the agent is working diligently for you to ease the transaction process.

Concentrate on a single area

Agents may specialize in certain types of housing, such as “country houses,” “beginning homes,” or “high-end bespoke homes.” When selecting an agent, determine his primary emphasis, since he will be very informed in those areas and hence more likely to complete a successful deal.

How to Become a Real Estate Buyer's Agent in Sydney (Beginner's Guide)

How to Become a Real Estate Buyer’s Agent in Sydney (Beginner’s Guide)

Both buying and selling in real estate require learning the ropes before venturing into it. Anyone who dares to do otherwise may have their fingers burnt. And even afterward, he may still not have known his lessons which prepares the ground for another mistake. Let me state that many players are involved in the real estate game. They include publishers, builders, renters, banks, property managers, and investors.

However, the two most important ones are not even mentioned above. Yet, they are the real movers and shakers because they serve as intermediaries constantly moving from one end to another buyers agency newcastle. They also ensure smooth and timely communication between the stakeholders –the brokers and agents. This article focuses on the latter and helps your reader learn what it takes to start from scratch. 

How to Become a Real Estate Buyer's Agent in Sydney (Beginner's Guide)

Being a real estate agent is signing up to be a real workhorse. The reason is that he may work as a buyer’s advocate now. Next, he must be an analyst, negotiator, consultant, or auctioneer. He can even work as a marketer for a property or stand-in for an appraiser to value the home. When it comes to getting mortgages or loans, your buyer’s agent must be able to advise you too. In the end, he is like the overseer of the entire home acquisition process. 

Being a Buyer’s Agent is a Business and not a Hobby

You may have heard that you should take your job as a hobby to maintain your motivation. But the real deal is that some jobs are more than a hobby in every word. In the very beginning, not everyone doling out information about the real estate market knows what it takes to cut a deal practically. Get ready to put in the necessary work. Working as a real estate buyer’s agent in Sydney is no hobby but a real job.

For instance, most hobbies are cheap, and even when expensive, the end is to have fun and enjoy life. You often have nothing more to lose than missing the juice of enjoyment. But that is not a joke about someone entrusting all their life savings into your care to buy a home. Therefore, you cannot afford to be careless, as though you don’t know what is at stake. This market sector is about money and indirectly about the lives of people.

Whether working as an independent contractor or representing an agency, you should manage every business with a sense of responsibility. While hobbies are personal and at your discretion, the real estate business is professional and has rules and codes. Remember that everything you do as a real estate agent leaves a trail that people can always refer to in the future. However, none of these reasons means you should not enjoy working as a buyer’s agent.

The Sales Machine: Leads and Listings

Many circumstances require that people move from one place to another, and they always need accommodation. Statistics show that 61% of people moving from one place to another don’t go beyond the same county or state. They should use the same buyer’s agent within this sphere. However, statistics may vary from place to place. The agent must work according to the locality where he is expecting a business. 

How to Become a Real Estate Buyer's Agent in Sydney (Beginner's Guide)

In the olden days, the buyer’s agents only work exclusively with the seller on behalf of the buyer. But today, the method is different: there are listing platforms where properties are posted for sale or rent. Those days, agents only need to spread the word about a seller’s property to potential buyers. The propensity to run the business lies in how prosperous your property listing is and how many leads you can convert. 

Meanwhile, it retains the need to regularly communicate with the buyer and understand what he wants. Already, people are interested in buying the home, and you may not need to start romancing their emotions. However, it is still the buyer’s agent’s job to turn leads from a prospect into actual customers and secure a favorable deal. He could match the listed property with the right buyer or advocate by checking someone’s listing for another.  Click here for mandatory codes to provide a set of rules or minimum standards for the real estate industry.

Relationships are golden

The success of a real estate buyer’s agent lies in the quality of his relationships. At this point, it also takes more than the regular one-on-one talk to take advantage of all the tools you have to make it happen. Some of the fundamental questions a good agent must ask include who exactly do you know and who and who knows you? Then, you can begin to build a comprehensive list of valuable contacts from your network in the real estate business. 

When your sphere of influence carries such a massive magnet, you can become a prosperous prospect for every would-be home investor. In addition, you can participate in a community of realtors within your locality to expand your network. Don’t just be known online, be also known in the flesh and let people see what you have been doing. You have a substantial stake in the business when you prove that you are part and parcel of the community.

How to Become a Real Estate Buyer's Agent in Sydney (Beginner's Guide)

While we mention the number (quantity), you should also look at the value (quality). It is good to be visible but is even better when your goal is to keep the best few contacts that can give you massive sales. Remember that to meet and connect with a reputable agent, you must also become a reputable agent yourself. However, as much as real estate is about making money, don’t focus on that in making deals. Think fo thof the future prospects.


As you can see, becoming a professional real estate buyers agent in Sydney is not a tedious job. You should know where to look, what to look for, what to learn and what to do. Also, suppose you consider some of the descriptions above. In that case, you will see that they are more practicable and specific rather than ambiguous and vague. As a result, you must not ignore the fundamentals of any career success, such as discipline, integrity, honesty, sound morals, hard work and consistency.